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By hunksrhandbags
In Spring
Mar 31st, 2011

Its that time of year again! My favorite kind of shoes get to come out and be on display. The wedge is one of the classic styles redone every year for the Spring and Summer collections. One of my favorite designers of these classic shoes is Christian Louboutin. Here is my pick for the 2011 Spring collection – Chus

So cute with the Straw back and the pick leather accents on the front.

In honor of Thirsty Thursday go out and have a drink tonight! You deserve it!

I know what I want – Margarita Mmmm yummy!

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  1. I like the style of your writting.

  2. Thanks!! – Peace, Love and Tweeting! -Tor

  3. You must be an interesting person.

  4. Interesting post, I like the layout design of your page. What’s the theme you used? You made it all by your own?

  5. The theme is Oulipo.

    And thanks again


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