Chris Andersen – Denver Nuggets

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Apr 4th, 2011

Here is a story of a guy who had all of the odds stacked against him and some how after everything he is back on his game. Chris Andersen is an inspiration to anyone out there that says they can’t make it! On January 25, 2006, Andersen was disqualified from the NBA for violating the league’s anti-drug policy by testing positive for a banned substance. On March 4, 2008, the NBA and NBA Players Association granted Andersen’s request to be reinstated as an NBA player. The reinstatement was effective immediately, and the rights to his services belonged to his former team, the New Orleans Hornets, who signed him to a contract on March 5, 2008. On March 25, 2008, in a game against the Indiana Pacers, he played for the first time in an NBA game since being banned. For anyone who says you can’t do it or you wont make it here is a person to look at! He now has a 5 year deal with the Denver Nuggets. His trademark “Birdman” where he would cross his arms and flap his hands like the wings of a bird after scoring on an emphatic dunk or blocking a shot. He is known for brightly colored tattoos on his arms, chest, neck, back, hands and legs.

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