Adventures With Dan – Dan Collins

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Apr 11th, 2011
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I always look far and wide for the next hunk we can feature. This week I didn’t have to look to far! Someone who I talk to almost everyday Twitter. Mr. Dan Collins He is a Adventure Travel Writer with quite a few countries under his belt. What you might not see if you get caught on his bright blue eyes are some of the amazing photos he has taken and the stories that go with them.

Like Dan I have not found my place in the world yet. I have also tried working in Retail, at Nature Center and have even been a personal assistant for someone famous. Somehow I always find myself planning that vacation to get away from what ever job I might be working just to pay the bills (Margarita’s are not cheap on the beach!)

I’m going to share some of his amazing photo’s with you now.

Make sure to check out Dan’s website for more information about him

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    hello, fine site, and a fairly good understand! definitely one for my favorites.

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