What a LONG time!!

By hunksrhandbags
In Chicago
Jun 27th, 2011

I didn’t forget about you guys …  I just got caught up in that thing I call LIFE …. has been crazy! Everything from more Baseball games… Chicago Cubs vs. Chicago White Sox. A huge cross town rivalry to going all the way to St. Louis for a Chicago Cubs vs. St. Louis Cardinals game. Its better to just show my last few weeks in pictures! And all the fun I have been having!

Well first we got a new puppy… YES she is a puppy only 8 months old. I know what you are thinking how on earth can she be so big and still be a puppy… Well she is a Irish Wolfhound and they are average 150 lb. She maybe big but I still love her!

Then I got my butt kicked in darts. Yes Brent apparently knows his way around a dart board better than I do! But it was fun and I got named the best wingman an guy can have!

And now its on to Cubs vs. Sox! We were sitting 3rd row of the bleachers! And the only place the Cubs hit a home run that day! I saw myself later that night on the SportsCenter highlights and I was in the DUCK AND COVER position!

Frank and I hanging out after the game at the Dolphin Dugout!

This would be my current fashion accessory that I get to sport for the next few weeks! Yeah that one is a long story but aren’t they all? No heels for me for awhile!

Last but not least this was after we discovered the Land Shark booth at the Taste of Joliet! We also go to see the 80’s band Loverboy!


-Peace, Love and Tweeting!

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