Middle of NOWHERE

By hunksrhandbags
In Chicago
Jul 19th, 2011

(On my way)

(I had to stop and get some road snacks too! And I took a chance on a lottery ticket! I only won $1.)

So it might not have been the exact middle of nowhere but it felt like it to me. And might I add it was FUNNNNN. I decided to take a drive today, left my house and started West on IL-52. For those of you that don’t know I live in Joliet, IL a large suburb of Chicago, IL. Its a pretty large city but sometimes it feels like there is nothing to do. We are having a HUGE heat wave so the only things to do today these days are either beg, borrow or steal someones pool. I decided to take my car with the AC blasting and go on an adventure to see what was out there. Well I am happy to report I found where they are hiding all of the corn … and LOTS of it!

There was also an interesting plane that was flying quite low across all the fields.

So by this point you can tell the heat has gotten to me but it was a fun little day trip and I got to see some pretty cool farms. Until next time!

-Peace, Love and Tweeting!

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