Sexy or Not?

By hunksrhandbags
In Chicago
Sep 14th, 2011

That is the question of the night… Siting here watching an old episode of Sex and the City got me thinking about the word Sexy.

There is a scene where a guy calls Miranda Sexy and she doesn’t know how to take that word. She then begins to say I have been called fun, pretty and a variety of other words and never feel uncomfortable. It got me thinking I feel the same way and how many other women out there feel the same. I can not tell you how many relationships that could have worked but I was the girl who couldn’t handle the thought of being called sexy. Something about that word just throws me off in my thinking. I become this weird person and lose any type of self confidence that I may have had. Crazy I know but I always wanted to talk about it. There was a person a few months ago that I keep thinking about since I did that whole act all weird when he called me sexy. I wish I could go back in time and somehow tell myself that it will all be ok.

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2 Responses to “Sexy or Not?”

  1. alphawriter says:

    Well, when you consider the word itself I think it is self explanatory why you felt uncomfortable. You understood what it really meant. Congratulations hope you keep moving your thoughts forward

  2. I don’t think it’s a bad thing. I’m not the most beautiful/thin/whatever girl in the world but having a sexy quality means I can compete with those “pretty girls”. It’s a type of confidence, it’s how you carry yourself. I’m a model who is only 5 feet tall so sexy is what I got to bring to the table. And my husband always calls me sexy…so I don’t get why it’s weird.

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