The Rosie Show

By hunksrhandbags
In Chicago
Oct 26th, 2011
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The Rosie Show was a BLAST! I got to attend the show for the first time last night. The show had Sara Remirez and Common as the 2 main guests. Also with a huge side of comedy. We started the adventure waiting in line around 4. After getting checked in we were sent upstairs and greeted with a special surprise. Sprinkles Cupcake! They are some of the best cupcakes that you can find anywhere! I had a Chocolate one with Vanilla icing and Chocolate sprinkles. As we were waiting the excitement was in the air everyone was excited to see what Rosie was going to do tonight. There were a lot of fans of Oprah that never got to see the show and also people who were really there to see Rosie. As a resident of Chicago I was able to attend a few of the Oprah show taping and this was nothing like those. It was BETTER. Don’t get me wrong I love Oprah but there was an excitement in the air that you just can’t describe with words. After be called down the the Studio to get our seats we noticed something blue under our seats with a ribbon tied around it …. Yes living up to the hype we all had a Snuggie under our seats that we had to put on for the opening scene of the show. All in all it was a fun time! The bonus at the end was as we were leaving we got another Cupcake from Sprinkles to take home!

Thanks Rosie and your team for such a great day!

-Peace, Love and Tweeting -Tor

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