Buddy Valastro – Baking with the Cake Boss

By hunksrhandbags
In Chicago
Nov 18th, 2011

He’s Back and with a new book! Baking With the Cake Boss will be Buddy’s 2nd book. I got to meet him yesterday at a book signing that was held at Anderson’s Bookshop in Naperville, IL. From what I was told there were over 300 books sold for the event and Buddy was amazing! He made sure to make every person that came to see him felt special.

After getting my own book signed and a photo with Buddy we went down stairs to get to know him a little better with this backroom interview! It was a blast to be able to talk with him and see once again what an amazing person he is and how much he cares about his family.

Here are some of my questions that were answered in the interview!

1. Is this your first time being out on tour and being able to connect with fans?

2.Did you bring any of your crew with you or is this a solo show?

3. What has been your favorite tour stop so far?

4. Did you ever in your wildest dreams think it would get so big?

5. How has that affected your family and personal life?

6. How many hours a weeks do you end up working?

7. Now is that more hours when your out on tour?

8. Pizza or Hot Dogs?

9. What is the worst delivery – mishap that you have had with a cake and how did you resolve it?

10. What is in a bag of tricks that you bring with on a delivery?

11. What is the most extreme cake you have ever made?

12. What is one of your favorite things to do? Designing? Decorating?

13. What is the earliest memory you have of you and your day in the bakery?

14. Is that traditions that you continue with your kids?

Check out the interview here!

After the book signing we were all ready for the show later that night at The Rosemont Theater A night with the cake boss!

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