Oh Ranger!

By Debbie Geene
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Nov 20th, 2011

I was just playing around on Twitter as I usually do and found a great handy site that I wanted you to know about.  It is called Oh Ranger!  the address is www.ohranger.com and it is as helpful a site as I have ever seen. 

There is an app for your IPad and one for your IPhone that will be extremely helpful when you take your kids on vacation in National Parks.  AND I highly recommend taking your kids to National Parks!  National Monuments, and National Forests.  Ok.   If truth be told I recommend you take your children anywhere there is nature!  The back yard.  The park down the street.  The Forest Preserve by your house.  Anyplace they can see trees, dirt, grass, native bugs and animals or water! 

I have said this before and I will say it again…………….

  • Children with ADHD are better able to concentrate after play in nature.
  • Exposure to nature improves childrens cognative development by improving their awareness, reasoning and observatiional skills. 
  • Natural interaction stimulates social interaction between children. 


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  1. 3pups says:

    we used OH, Ranger a LOT on our 3-month trip this summer!

  2. Roslyn Imrie says:

    So true! I wonder if the spike in cases of ADHD is connected to the fact that children don’t spend time outdoors and instead are glued to a screen!

  3. I am sure it is! There is quite a bit of evidence out there to support that theory. Kids need to go OUTSIDE and run and play!

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