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Jan 6th, 2012

As most of you know by now the Amazon Kindle Fire was one of the top selling Christmas gifts for the 2011 season. I was one of those people that asked and also received the Kindle Fire. Let me start out by saying this review is from my personal experience of my Kindle Fire. I originally wanted the Kindle Fire to use more for the tablet features rather than its original purpose as an E-reader. I was slightly disappointed to find out that there is not an actual app for Facebook and Twitter. The icon on the main screen is more or less a bookmark to the mobile web address. I did download Hootsuite to use for my Twitter accounts @TOR0706 and @HUNKSrHANDBAGS. Also the email features (interfacing with Gmail) do not communicate with the Gmail servers, It simply retrieves the email that is currently in the Inbox and if you delete them on the Kindle Fire they will still be in your web email inbox. I have to say I am extremely impressed with the battery life and the ease of use in the sunlight. The sunlight was also a concern for me since my Mother has an Ipad and that is her main complaint about the device.

Here is a list of my top 5 features:

1. The amount of books available for free from Amazon and Google (Also the list of books for 3.99 or less)

2. The battery life of the device. (The first day out of the box no charge required it lasted for about 6 hours of constant use)

3. The price … Yes $199 is alot more appealing than the $499 sticker shock of the Ipad.

4. Size, The reason I fell in love with a Kindle vs. an Ipad. If I wanted something larger I might as well carry my laptop that tops out at 11.6 inches.

5. I Heart Radio and the integrated speakers. Those little guys can put out some serious sound and good quality too!

Top 5 Problems – Issues

1. Not an actual app for Facebook and Twitter

2. The wifi turns off when you hit the stand by button.

3. No option to personalize the stand by photo or wallpaper. (You are stuck with the 20+ pre-loaded images and the main screen is a carousel and bookshelf.)

4. Placement of the stand by button. (Only an issue if you do not have it in a case or cover.)

5. Most apps are not yet developed for the Kindle Fire.

Thanks for taking the time to read my review!

As always Peace, Love and Tweeting – TOR

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  1. Amazing post! Very well written especially I liked the pros and cons. I do own Kindle fire and I really wish if there was an App for Facebook but again I am sure that someone is going to develop one very soon.

  2. I am using the ipad from the day it was launched. Recently picked up kindle fire, seriously then my ipads. IPaid noe looks too big.and.clunky.

  3. Coulter says:

    I’ve had a Kindle Fire for a bit now, and finally got fed up with how aggravating of a “tablet” it is. The UI honestly blows for anybody but kids or adults who only use it to read.
    I ended up going through the whole rooting process and ended up flashing CyanogenMod7 on it. It’s a lot more accessible now, and just better for what I planned on using it for in the first place.

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