SXSW 2012 – Austin, TX Day 1

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Mar 9th, 2012

WE MADE IT TO AUSTIN! Well not yet … Were getting on the road to Austin.

In the lobby of the W in Dallas they have Cowboy’s and Cow’s hanging from the ceiling.

Road drinks! I LIVE on Diet Coke!

Whats for lunch? SUSHI, Yes you were right! And getting to know what I LOVE to eat!

I had to take this photo of the Bud Light Platinum, It has become my new preferred drink!

We finally made it to Austin! After lots of hotel trouble I have a place to stay for the next 24 hours. After checking in and unpacking a little I was off to the welcome party for all of the SXSW Chevy Road trippers! It was a great location, Lanai Rooftop Lounge. Chevy even took it the extra step and made drinks that were themed by the city where each team came from!

It wouldn’t be a Chevy party if I didn’t get to ride home in the all new Chevy Volt! Great car to maneuver the crazy streets of downtown Austin!

This is my “You know your in Texas when” moment for today …

Thank you to Shane A. for posing in your cowboy hat! (I love boys in cowboy hats!)

Before we left the party Chevy gave me a little goodie bag for the road…. Inside was this cool shirt with the hashtag I have been using all week. I can say that is a first for me and I will wear it with pride!

Thanks again to all the folks at GM and Chevy for a great trip so far and many more memories to come!

Make sure to track where we are on our journey with the cool website from OnStar here.

Also follow our conversations on Twitter with the hashtags  #CHEVYSXSW #SXSW

Cant wait to hear from you all!


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