SXSW 2012 – Austin, TX

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Mar 11th, 2012

What a crazy few days it has been … Oh the things that I have see and done!

This Foursquare badge is the best one I have ever gotten!

Austin is an Eco friendly city! YAY!

I am finally here!

You know you are at a technology conference when the cookies have a QR code on them!

I have been riding in style all weekend in the Chevy Volt!

The city is being taken over by Spacemen!

Look what I got to drive in Downtown Austin!


These cupcakes are so cute and Yummy!

The Catch a Chevy program is taking over the city!

Ah who can argue with a good drink!

Thanks again to all the folks at GM and Chevy for a great trip so far and many more memories to come!

Also follow our conversations on Twitter with the hashtags  #CHEVYSXSW #SXSW

Cant wait to hear from you all!


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