Autobahn Country Club – Lady’s Day

By hunksrhandbags
In Chicago
Jun 22nd, 2012

Safety first!

It’s Lady’s Day at the Autobahn! This is the second time I have been in attendance and it was a great experience again!

On the track I got to drive a Cadillac and a BMW. The handling of the BMW was a lot better around the turns and it seemed to have more acceleration.

My BMW the 335i

There are lots of things to do out at the Autobahn from the Auto Cross course to Go Karts and always the track holds a lot more fun! Hot laps to me are the best!

I survived! The Hot Laps that is!

And my Mom did too!

What a great day to spend with lots of speed and a little burning rubber too! And you come back to the club house to enjoy a wonderful drink before dinner!


As always Peace, Love and Tweeting – tOr

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