Chevy Spark – Week long adventure!

By hunksrhandbags
In Chicago
Oct 29th, 2012

Hey everyone as many of you know I had a Chevy Spark for a week long adventure! In the time that I had the car some of my friends and family convinced me to name it. We finally settled on Sparkle!

Fiesta Red!

Sparkle was a joy to drive for a week. I took it into Chicago and went to Shedd Aquarium, and may I say parking was a breeze! I also decided to see how many groceries I could fit into the trunk and back seat of the car. I was impressed!

Does Walmart have anything left?

Sparkle also went to the park!

After having the car for a week something that I was monitoring was the gas mileage. 30.1 was the highest average I was able to see. I tend to do more city driving vs. highways. The car is said to get 33 mpg.

One of my other favorite features was the screen in the dashboard!

I’m a country fan!

A few features I would have liked to have seen with the car are navigation and better gas mileage. I did talk to a friend of mine that works for a Chevy dealer and he said there will be an app available soon to provide navigation in the car for a one time $50.00 fee.

Overall the car is a great value. The model that I was driving was a 2LT automatic. $15,970 is the listed price. Power locks and windows along with remote entry. And my personal favorite part of the car was the heated seats!

Thanks again to Chevy for letting me drive the car!

As always Peace, Love and Tweeting – tOr

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