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Feb 12th, 2013
I personalized my browser with the Kate Spade Theme!

I personalized my browser with the Kate Spade Theme!

Last week my laptop decided to break the day before I was supposed to be at the Chicago Auto Show. Well like most people I felt like I lost my world and did know how I was going to pay for a new one that quick. I was at Best Buy looking at all on the options and I will be honest my purchase was largely based on price and what I could get for it. I had heard about the Chrome books but to be honest I was a little worried after reading all of the reviews online. So here goes my own. I will have owned this for a week now so I feel like I know how it works.

Pros: Battery Life (It’s a true 6 hours) I was very surprised!

Price $249

Small and Sleek design. (It is the same screen size as my previous laptop.)

Great for on the go or on site writing.

Cons: 15 gb hard drive

You still need a primary computer.

The operating system is different from Mac and PC. I feel like it is closer to a Mac.

Overall I think that if you are looking for a second computer to keep in the kitchen or somewhere in your house or to use for travel it is a great purchase. But by no means could this be used as your primary computer. I do still need to buy something else but this will do for now. Hence the ability to write quite a few blog posts since the auto show.

As always! Peace, Love and Tweeting! -tOr

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  1. Let’s see… You’ve had this for a little while. How’s it working out and are you still needing another machine?

  2. I really do like it. The battery life is amazing! You do need a primary computer but its perfect for on the go!

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