My Baby Girl Just Left for Key West………..

By Debbie Geene
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Apr 22nd, 2013


My amazing daughter Victoria Elizabeth just left for a job in Key West.  She is 25 and is completely capable of going.  It is just that she is my friend as well as my child.  I would rather sit and drink a bottle of wine with her than most anything on the planet.  She is my Travel Buddy !  I have done so many amazing things with her that I am going to really miss her. 

If anyone had told me this 10 years ago or 15 years ago I would have thought they were NUTS!!!  CRAZY!!!  We weren’t each others favorite people back then.  And then one day  some thing changed and we became friends.  She grew up and so did I. 

I also learned about Law of Attraction and I learned you can’t really MAKE someone bend to your rules, whims or your dreams.  No matter how hard you try or want to you cannot create in someone else’s experience.  So I learned to let go.  I learned to let go of the stuff I wanted for her and learned how to empower her to create what she wanted in life.  She is amazing!  She is the most amazing creator I know.  She can manifest like nothing I have ever seen!  And so it goes.  She is on her way to Key West.  To live, to bask and to live that dream for as long as it lasts.  For as long as she wants it to last.

Still all you mothers out there know how the last day felt I am sure.  Excitement and dread, and dread, and dread and some tears and more tears and finally sending her out of the driveway with the knowledge that it will be fine.  I raised this girl.  I know her.  She is the most resourceful person I have ever seen.  She has been like that since birth.  Sometimes when she was growing up I felt like she didn’t need me because she was so darned independent.  I tried everything I could to make her do what I wanted but it was never possible.  Know that if you just let go they will be fine.  Teach them about intuition.  Teach them to find their way by doing what they love.    And let the Universe work it’s magic. 

Safe Travels Tor!  You can see her version on her blog:


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