Opportunities Everywhere I look!

By Debbie Geene
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Sep 3rd, 2014
Don't get on a bridge to Nowhere!  Make every day count!
Don’t get on a bridge to Nowhere! Make every day count!

I am having a bit of trouble focusing on just one thing these days.  There are so many amazing opportunities out there that I can be a part of!  So where to start?  I am helping a friend put some things on Ebay to ease myself back into the swing of daily listings.  I am taking classes that will hopefully help me with this site and with my photos in general.  I am speaking twice this month on play in nature.  I have an idea for a cookie business. And then, there is my number one idea, to combine one of my most beloved projects into a business.( this one has to remain a secret!) 

All so exciting!  I hope you will check back for updates on these projects.  In the meantime………………know that life is meant to be fun!  Go out and experience all that you can everyday no matter where you live or what you do!  If you don’t like your situation: CHANGE IT!  What is the definition of Insanity?????  Doing the same thing every day and expecting a different outcome!

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