Six Feet Under – Oakland Cemetery – Atlanta, Georgia

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Jul 9th, 2015

Six Feet Under – Atlanta, Georgia

A great local place to sit down and have a beer or dinner and drinks. Rumor has it Six Feet Under was originally named since the Grant Park location is located across the street from Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta. Both locations boast great views of the city and an amazing rooftop deck. I stuck with the Grilled Chicken sandwich but my Momma and Jewels had some Oysters.

I heard that they tasted good! Next up was what to drink … Bloody Mary it is! But make sure to look out for the spices on top! They have a kick to them!

After eating and drinking we decided to drive across town the the cemetery and see who we could recognize.

All over the cemetery are amazing old trees planted in a lot of the plots.

Everyone is looking for Waldo … Well I found him but a few years to late!

I also found my people … Many of you don’t know but my last name is Greene and it just so happened that I knew some people buried at Oakland. Well maybe not KNOW but I could be related to them!

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