Jekyll Island, Georgia

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Jul 16th, 2015

The Georgia Sea Turtle Center – Jekyll Island, Georgia

As you enter the island they tell you to follow the turtles on the road to the Center.

This morning we decided to visit The Georgia Sea Turtle Center in Jekyll Island. What a great place doing rehab the right way. Most of the turtles that are at the center were hit by a car or a boat.

When you start they give you a card and you go to the 5 stages of life. I was born Below High Tide, I was a Male, I migrated to the Caribbean Sea, a Columbus Crab lived on my shell and I lived to be a Juvenile.

They place Velcro patches on the Turtles back with concrete to act as a form of therapy to help with muscle strength.

At the hospital they perform everything from routine check ups to cleaning wounds for Turtles that were injured.

They also post what they are doing while you get to watch the procedure.

Me with my completed card!

Next stop was the Jekyll Books at the Old Infirmary.

Driftwood Beach

I think someone ate part of him …

And last that’s what I call a Beach House!

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