Wind and Wine Sunset Cruise – Danger Charters

By hunksrhandbags
In Key West and FL Keys
Aug 12th, 2015

Tonight we got the enjoy a Wind and Wine Sunset Cruise! It was fabulous, everything from the Amazing sailboat to the very engaging and fun crew and then there was the WINE! We got to try at least 8 different wines from around the world. With the breath taking views to the star gazing out on the open ocean I can not describe a more perfect evening!

This was our 60+ foot sailboat

What a day for a sunset out on the water!

You can see the Moon to the left of the picture and that REALLY small dot next to it is planet Venus. We were also able to see Jupiter but there was no way to get a good photo of it!

Special Thanks to our crew aboard the boat! And make sure to check out their website so you can join them one evening when you are in Key West! Danger Charters –

As always Peace, Love and Tweeting -Tor

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