Presenting the McKay’s

By Victoria
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Apr 9th, 2016
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The McKays Florida Map

By the time you are reading this post I will be a married woman! Crazy thought I know but I am happy that its happening and even happier that I am marrying Scott. I know this is going to sound cheesy and stupid but I am marrying my best friend.  Shhhhhh don’t tell Melissa and Amy (they each think they are my best friend) who have bought plane tickets and are coming down to the wedding. Speaking of Amy … she is giving us one to the most unique and wonderful gift I could ask for. She went online and by the power vested in her by a random internet website she is officially an ordained minister and will be marrying us!

01 TORsAdventures Wedding

Since I said that I wouldn’t show the world my dress before Scott got to see me in it this is my official unavailing … I am a married woman now!

02 TORsAdventures Wedding 03 TORsAdventures Wedding

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  1. Jorie says:

    beautiful dress and rings Tor! Congratulations!

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