Washington State Ferry

By Victoria
In Pacific Northwest
May 31st, 2017

Commuting can be FUN! I know your thinking I’m crazy but really “Why not?” I get to sit on the boat, relax, surf the internet and write fun little blog posts too! And maybe a few episodes of Netflix in there too since we got a new phone carrier and that unlimited data is calling my name. I like the view and the possible wildlife sightings. I have yet to see a whale but I do get to take some amazing photos!

Some of these waterfront homes make my heart swoon and I wish I could live in a house with a view like that! You know you are used to your commute when you start to recognize and know the ferry workers. I did make a friend out of all this too! I just need the weather to get a little nicer and a little bit more sunny and I will be a kid in a candy store out on the sun deck.

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