Uhaul to the Keys!

By Victoria
In Key West and FL Keys
Sep 14th, 2017
UPDATE: As of now our trip has been postponed due to lack of infrastructure and communication in the Keys. I will be going down to the Keys as soon as I can to help my friends in need. For any information or follow up further please feel free to email me at TOR@TORsAdventures.com
Ok folks…  my friend Grace and I are driving a truck and a Uhaul from Charlotte, NC down to the keys with water and supplies. Grace is a manager at the Key West Butterfly Conservatory.  As some of you have seen on the news our Keys have been decimated.  At the moment, the thing that is needed most is water!  Water, Batteries and non-perishable foods.   We have been granted permission to go to mm 74 and we will wing it from there.   We are working with some organizations that are already there and in place and ready to accept items.  Grace’s husband and dog stayed home in Key West and are safe.  They are helping to assess the needs for Key West.  Email me if you would like to make a donation! Or just click on the super easy donate button. We want to fill this baby up! I know you have all probably just donated to Harvey and the telethon but you can see from the news coverage, the Keys are not getting the kind of attention they should be.  Your donation will make a huge difference to the people currently without power, water and other necessary supplies!  (toilet paper, feminine products, paper towels, hand sanitizer )   Think about what you would need if you had no water!  NO POWER.
Key West  is where I lived and called home for the past 4 years. These are my people, my friends, my family and they have a huge need. Hurricane Irma did massive amounts of destruction in the Keys and all over South Florida but the Keys were the worst hit.


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