AT&T Park with the Chicago Cubs

By Victoria
In Road Trip
Sep 15th, 2017

Many people know that I am a HUGE Cubs fan so when I saw that I could visit San Francisco and check off a ballpark in the process I started calling my friends so that we could plan a trip! They didn’t win but it was still a fun experience! I like going to different parks and seeing what the atmosphere is like. Since I started working for the Mariners part time I tend to look at parks a little differently now. I want to know more about the employees and what its like to work for that team.

We had a lot of fun at the park. We went to a night game the first day and then a day game the next day. The first game we got there super early so that I could see batting practice and possibly get a ball. I think I need to get a kid before I am going to get a ball Haha! I am happy they give them to kids but I wouldn’t mind one either! I did end up buying a few game used ones so that I could keep it as my souvenir.

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