Jelly Belly Factory

By Victoria
In Road Trip
Oct 15th, 2017

On our drive home my friend Savannah was looking for some fun stuff that we could do on our way home to break up the drive a little bit. She found out that the Jelly Belly Factory was right off the highway and best of all it was free! I didn’t know you could even do something cool like touring the factory! They really have thought of everything! From the Jelly Belly car out front to the large jelly beans hanging from the ceiling. When we walked in there was about a 20 minute wait for the next tour. They gave us hats and told us a little bit about what to expect. The tour itself was self guided once you got into the factory. We were able to move at our own pace and take some time to read all the information. One of the cool things for me to watch was the amount of robots they had running. Everything from filling and removing trays to sorting the finished jelly beans.

Check out their website for more information and visiting hours. California Factory Tours


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