Welcome to Canada Eh?!?

By Victoria
In Nature
Nov 17th, 2017

Welcome to Canada Eh?!? Yep that’s right! Scott and I are in Canada for a week. He needed a vacation … I will never say no to that! We chose Canada since we live so close already! We took the ferry from Bremerton over to Seattle and drove north to Vancouver. We spent the night in a cute little town outside of Vancouver called Delta before we boarded the ferry to Vancouver island! It was raining …. surprise surprise here in the Pacific Northwest. We got up super early and  we were able to see the sunrise on the beach! That was pretty cool! And I’m talking temperature wise and on the awesome scale! After the ferry we drove to our little cabin in the woods. It is located in a small town outside of Victoria, BC called Sooke.

We will be here for 3 days and then moving to another cabin for the remainder of our trip. So far on our wildlife bingo card we have seen birds … and an OTTER! Yep I was WAY to excited and didn’t get the settings right on my camera to actually get a picture. Guess I will have to see another on right!

We did talk to a really nice local and she told us of a place called Potholes Park here in Sooke. She said she was up there a few weeks ago and she was able to see the local bear population feasting on the salmon run! We took a drive up there …. no bears …. but I did get some amazing photos of the Sooke river and the waterfalls in the park. According to the locals this is the off season and things have calmed down quite a bit here in their small little town. More to report soon!

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